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The Cucumber Margarita Recipe

Cucumber Margarita cocktail

Recipe tagged in:

Green Monster Approved Refreshing Tequila

Preparation method:

  • Prepare with:

    Cocktail Shaker
  • Use:

  • Serve in:

    Mason Jar
  • With:

    Ice Cubes

1. Cut the lime into 8 pieces and drop them into the shaker. 2. Add the cucumber slices. 3. Muddle until both the lime and the cucumber are completely crushed. 4. Add some ice cubes. 5. Pour in the blanco tequila and the Cointreau. Shake well. 6. Strain into an ice-filled mason jar where the rim has been previously salted. 7. Top with with soda water

Optional instructions:
You can sprinkle some freshly cracked black pepper on top for added spiciness.


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Love this

This margarita tastes very fresh. You almost don't feel any alcohol. I like to shake it with a slice of habanero. Reposado or anejo tequila also do the job pretty well for this recipe.

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